All boats with electronic engine control can be equipped with our DOCKMATE system, regardless the type or length of the yacht.

Our transmitter, preferably worn with a neck strap, is completely waterproof and floats. It has the size of an iPhone. In our most simple configuration, the transmitter sends a coded digital signal to the receiver which operates the gears and horn. The system can be modularly extended with bow thruster, stern thruster and windlass. DOCKMATE also exists for ships with one engine.

Operation is easy, accurate, safe and reliable, and can be done from any location on board. Our transmitter has a very simple, clear layout. When the transmitter somehow slips out of your hands, then immediately all systems drop to neutral.

The DOCKMATE signal reaches up to 50 meters. It can also be used from the pier, but this is strongly not recommended. Our receiver is mounted behind the dashboard and measures about 22 by 22 cm. Each DOCKMATE system is unique and will not be disturbed by any other DOCKMATE. The installation time is a maximum of 1 working day, including testing of the system.

Factory Warranty is 3 years.